Saturday, January 11, 2014

Git - merging branches, rebasing and things..

I was wondering .. how (if there is a way) I can merge the latest
current Suricata dev git master and a git pull request that has not yet been
introduced into the git master?

I want to git clone the latest Suricata git master... and then apply to it
Tom Decanio's github branch for ALL JSON output -
(git clone -b dev-np-work1.3 )

What is the best way to do that?

well (with some invaluable help from  Regit):

 git clone git://
 cd oisf/
 git remote add decanio
 git fetch decanio
 git checkout -b my-dev-np-work1.3 decanio/dev-np-work1.3
 git fetch origin
 git rebase origin/master

you're done (if there are no errors during the re-basing phase :) ) !

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