Sunday, December 7, 2014

Suricatasc unix socket interaction for Suricata IDS/IPS

Suricatasc is a unix socket interaction  script that is automatically installed when one compiles/installs Suricata IDS/IPS. An in depth description, prerequisites and how to documentation is located here -

However  lets look at a quick usage example - that can come very handy in certain situations.

Once you have unix socket command enabled in suricata.yaml :

    enabled: yes
    #filename: custom.socket # use this to specify an alternate file

the traditional way to use the script would be type suricatasc and hit Enter (on the machine running Suricata):

However you can also use it directly as a command line parameter for example :
root@suricata:~# suricatasc -c version

like so:

You need to quote commands involving interfaces:
root@debian64:~# suricatasc -c "iface-stat eth0"

Very handy when you want quick interaction and info from the currently running Suricata IDS/IPS.

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